Michael Hansen



Michael has extensive experience building relationships with partners, identifying common goals, and leveraging technical resources to ensure mutual success. Projects have included multi-brand and co-branded marketing campaign. Many projects have included technical projects working on collaborative software solution deployments, API integrations, and creating package solutions with multiple vendors.  Additionaly, Michael has been heavily involved developing channel relationships between sales teams, marketing teams, and technical teams to effectively reach more customers and increase revenue.

Website Design

Michael’s web skills are up to date for many mainstream web platforms. His experience and comprehensive knowledge of web hosting environments, DNS management, and content publishing methods makes Michael an ideal candidate for any project. Each project he works on is uniquely tailored and designed for easy management, broad range of application integration, and long term support to fit the specific needs of the customer.

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Email Marketing

Email is the primary vehicle of business communication. Michael has extensive experience enhancing electronic communication between businesses and customers by optimizing Email Management on trusted and secure platforms. Michael is competent and capable to custom configure primary Email Gateways and external SMTP systems for optimized success. Micheal also offers advanced domain management solutions maximizing email delivery, customer engagement tracking, drip campaigns, and email automation protocols.

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Graphic Design and Content Creation

Michael is very skilled in realm of Graphic Design and Content Creation. Strengths include original art image generation, vector graphic creation, and written content. Design for digital and print materials include Logos, Banner Images, Product Design, Labels, Brochures, Flyers, Menus, Portfolios, Catalogues, and more. Customers are always provided with source files, high resolution images, and everything needed to redistribute and reuse materials far into the future.

key tools used for graphic design

Social Media Management and Automation

Social Media is a must for every business of every size. Michael provides expert services setting up, managing, and automated social media pages, posts, and engagement. Why automation? The number one resource that every organization lacks is time. As a social media expert, Michael custom tailors social media strategies to work for each unique business model. By employing a number of tools to schedule, automate, and manage social media marketing teams and profile managers are afforded with more time to accomplish their many tasks.

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