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Erik Zeiner
Director of Search Marketing |

Michael has been great to work with at H-11. I have worked with him for several years on his website and his Internet marketing. Michael has been very dedicated to resolving issues from the customers perspective and taking steps to make the user experience on his website the best that it can be. I recommend Michael as a great person to have on any marketing team.

Tadd Lowe
Forensic Computer Analyst | Mosaic451

Michael is very helpful, personable, and filled with energy and passion with his work. He and the H11 company have been great in providing us with training and equipment for our forensic work at the American Express computer lab.

Shawna Waters
Federal Sales Manager | AccessData

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Hansen for 4 years at AccessData Corporation, a digital forensic software company. At the age of 14, Michael displayed a desire to succeed as a self-motivated professional that strived to be the best. His desire to learn and his determination left no doubt in my mind that he would succeed.

Michael worked as a shipping assistant and later branched out to sales attending many high-end Forensic Security Conferences. His professionalism and communication skills were impeccable. His skill and creativity earned him respect in the industry.

Today, Michael still sets high personal goals and his independent determination helps him to reach them.

Shauna Waters